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Until now, data sharing in the education sector has been little available. At Vigilo we want to do something about this. Vigilo is therefore built on the principle of data sharing and the customer’s ownership of their own data.

From the beginning, we have used national and international standards for data sharing and deliberately chosen the formats we have considered most future-oriented. Vigilo uses APIs for all data exchange and was e.g. among the first in Europe to be certified according to the IMS OneRoster standard, for data sharing in the upbringing sector. We believe this is a matter of course for a growing up administrative system, with the information the solution contains and exchanges with other systems.

Through Onedhub, we want to cultivate the functionality for data sharing by offering an integration platform with core functionality for administration of kindergartens and schools . The core functionality consists of administration of personal data according to GDPR, enrollment / admission, class / group division and invoicing / parental payment. Through the integration platform, it is possible to connect this functionality to other Vigilo modules or compatible third parties. Data is exchanged through standardized APIs and the IMS OneRoster format, in order to give as many third parties as possible access to the platform. One can e.g. choose to connect to a timetable from Vigilo, a communication solution from another provider and an LMS from a third party. In this way, the customer can put together a complete system optimally adapted to their own needs. We also see that there are a number of niche suppliers who develop good solutions, but who do not enter the market alone. Through Onedhub, we want to make it easier, faster and cheaper to integrate new services with the customer’s other solutions.

Vigilo will certify third parties to ensure that all data transfers run smoothly, securely and correctly. These services will then be presented in the Marketplace, together with Vigilo’s own products. The combination of an open and scalable integration platform and Vigilos Marketplace will give the customer far more flexibility than today. Instead of being bound by long contracts and costly implementation projects, one can add and replace modules in a simple way and thus always have the most up-to-date and best-adapted system for their needs.