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Do you want training in the use of Vigilo? Here you can order pre-defined courses, or courses adapted to your unit / employees in your municipality.

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When time matters

Whether you are a teacher, a principal, a parent or an employee in the kindergarten: Vigilo provides more time to what is important.

What we offer

With different needs comes different solutions.
Vigilo provides you with the solutions you need.

Vigilo is the future

No one knows what the future might bring, but we know that time will be scarce. Vigilo is here to make your everyday life simpler. We want to give you more time. Because we know that time matters.

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Our solutions are easy to use.



Vigilo is made to fit our users needs.

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Cloud based

Safe solutions in the cloud provides flexibility and capacity.

App for iOS and Android

Free apps for both iOS and Android. Download our app via App Store or Google Play.

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