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What is Vigilo?

Vigilo provides time-saving solutions for kindergartens, ASPs and schools across the country. Through administration and communication solutions, Vigilo covers the needs of employees within municipalities, schools and kindergartens helping them perform their various tasks. Vigilo also covers parents' need for communication and overview concerning their child.

The word Vigilo can be translated as "I see" or to be "vigilant".

Our vision

is to help make everyone's everyday life easier.

Our values


We are genuinely honest, open and generous when listening to our customers', users', partners' and colleagues' needs.


We will facilitate and establish interpersonal relationships in our users' everyday lives in order to create solutions covering the needs of the actual user.


We want to use our curiosity in building relationships, developing and improving our products as well as in our own creative work environments.

Timeline 2008 - 2019


Vigilo is launched by Sysco on the initiative of, and in cooperation with, Tysvær municipality and Innovation Norway. The solution was a communication solution for childcare enabling a secure two-way communication between childcare and parents.


The solution has been developed further and fine-tuned. The private childcare provider Espira is expanding its cooperation with Vigilo. Vigilo is separated as its own corporation from Sysco.


Vigilo Optimal is launched. Vigilo Optimal is a school administration system that was developed to make administrative tasks in the school simple as ABC.


Vigilo had an agreement with Karmøy Municipality on further developing Vigilo Optimal for primary and lower secondary school. Together, Vigilo and the municipality developed and tested new functionality.


Øystein Viland is appointed the CEO in Vigilo. Øystein hails from being a principal at Håvåsen secondary school and had already helped developing Vigilo Optimal for several years.


The idea of a coherent student information and communication system (OAS) is born. The idea is a system that follows the child from childcare application and admission until acquiring their final grades in middle school.


Vigilo wins several tenders based on the mindset of a OAS. Developing a comprehensive and scalable solution starts. A solution that easily can be adapted to the needs of the various municipalities starts to see the light of day.


More and more municipalities want Vigilo OAS, and the company continues to win tenders. The number of employees tripled during 2018, and the work of developing the OAS continues.


This is the year when the international venture starts fully. Vigilo+ was launched during spring acting as an online store with good and relevant offers to Vigilo users. Barnehageguiden.no will also be launched during 2020.

Øystein Viland

CEO, Vigilo

"Vigilo succeeds when customers utilize our solutions and experience that digitization leads to increased quality of the services being performed."

Contact me
Øystein Viland

Meet the team:

  • Øystein

    Øystein Viland


  • Kristoffer

    Kristoffer Iversen


  • Lars Ove

    Lars Ove Kleivenes


  • Benjamin

    Benjamin Staupe Mydland

    Multimedia Producer

  • Manuel

    Manuel Velasco

    Product designer

  • Vetle

    Vetle Utvik

    Junior UX-Designer

  • Sage

    Sage Tindeland

    Support and training manager

  • Anne-Marthe

    Anne-Marthe Risløw

    Project manager

  • Hege

    Hege Solhaug

    Project manager

  • Ingvild

    Ingvild Dahl Lien

    Project manager

  • Glenn

    Glenn Kringlebotten

    Project manager

  • Ingvild

    Ingvild Dalland Husabø

    Project manager

  • Nina

    Nina S. Sivertsen

    Support lead & Project manager

  • Heidi

    Heidi Løvbrekke

    Project manager

  • Margareth

    Margareth Vestre

    Project manager

  • Lena

    Lena Therese Erland Yrke


  • Thomas

    Thomas Kallevik

    Team leader / technical architect

  • Bjørnar

    Bjørnar Grindhaug Hveding

    System developer

  • Jon Kjetil

    Jon Kjetil Kvalevaag

    System developer

  • Tommy

    Tommy Sundene Narrevik

    System developer

  • Sara

    Sara Rovik

    System developer

  • Kristin

    Kristin Eik

    System developer

  • Martine

    Martine Aas

    System developer

Vigilo AS

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