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Vigilo X

Vigilo X is Vigilo's future lab.

Through conversing with our customers, users and collaborators new and exciting ideas tend to come up. These ideas need exploration. Some are realized, others are rejected. The most important part is that we are brave enough to try. Dare to think differently and test the unknown waters.


Vigilo has a huge userbase. In particular, this userbase consists of toddler families in time squeeze. In addition to busy working hours, leisure time is equally busy. To and from kindergarten or school, activities, events, birthdays. We asked ourselves if we could help these families. Yes, of course. What if you spend less time thinking of certain things in your everyday life: What if the diapers show up on the door when a refill is closing up. What if food supplies arrive at the door, and you are relieved of the task of walking to the grocery store with tired kids on your arms. What if you could rent outdoor suits and are relieved of the task of buying new ones when your child has worn them out or has grown out of them. What if you could recieve great offers on child insurance and savings.


What if you could buy school equipment, backpacks, milk and fruit arrangements effortlessly. Surely, thousands of other solid suggestions to help families in their time squeeze are out there, and we are open to suggestions. But consider this: What if you could rule over all of this in the Vigilo app? With a few clicks you have a nappy deal, you will not need to think about having milk at home as you will get this delivered at your door when milk’s empty. We want to solve everyday problems such as these and help families get through their time squeeze. In 2019 we started looking at solutions cooperating with interesting cooperators who has the same vision as us: To be a helping hand in the busy everyday life.


Take a look at vigilopluss.no for an overview of our current offers.

Vigilo International

We are not fond of boundaries. They restrain you and stop development. This way of thinking has enabled us to become one of Norway’s largest provider of administration and communication system for schools and kindergartens. Because we push boundaries and go the extra mile. Because we dare to look beyond the horizon. 


Having the best product on the market and a solid position in Norway, we are now turning our gaze overseas. Norway is a pioneer in the use of digital tools in schools and kindergartens. Why shouldn’t the rest of the world have access to a tool which enables employees in kindergartens and schools more time to commit and follow up on children, while also saving cost?


We see no reason why not. This means that Vigilo will be launched for new users in new settings in 2019. We want to push the boundaries again and challenge the established in other countries.  

AI and Machine Learning

We aim at helping leaders in schools and kindergartens with a more efficient day. By applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (ML) we can automatize most of the tasks at hand. We all have days including tiresome routines and tasks that could have been handled by machines.


Utilizing ML we will not only be able to react on specific events, but also be able to anticipate problems and solutions before they occur. Imagine registering your child being sick via Vigilo, and a recording of the classroom started where your child receives an already edited summary of the class. All produced by machines knowing the important take aways. Or, if a teacher is absent, and a substitute teacher is automatically in place without the school management having to lift a finger? Notifications on disease is sent via the Vigilo app which triggers processes that calls in a substitute teacher, and at the same time providesa an up-to-date of the plan for the day, absences in the class and further progression concerning in case of prolonged sickness. What if the schedule for the whole school simply got sewn together with one simple click?


Every year the management spend lots of time tailoring a time schedule with the aim of utilizing rooms, teachers and other resources in the most efficient way. What if a robot, based on experiences and accessible resources, sets up the perfect schedule. And simply finds the best possible solution as changes occurs. The advantage of having machines taking care of scheduling, substitution overview and management as well as other complicated processes, is the reduction of risk for human error, and ensuring that the job at hand is completed faster. Automatic and efficient processes in place enables employees to focus and spend more time to follow up the students and other employees.


In Vigilo we are not committed to replace the need for human contact, but rather utilize AI and ML to facilitate more and improved human contact. Everything is possible based on the knowledge and the experience Vigilo have collected. Together with third parties we are now working to find even more and shrewd solutions in order to provide more time to the important tasks in schools and kindergartens of tomorrow. 

Vigilo Research

By looking at anonymized data Vigilo can note trends and movements in many areas. Vigilo wants to build our own research deaprtment envision to work closely with established research centers at universities and colleges throughout the world.


Our wish is to contribute to the areas of better understanding of the world and help solve some of the challenges we face today, be it areas such as health, childhood and the environment. 

Vigilo Care

Vigilo Care aims at improving the communication between users, dependents and employees in the sector of health and care.


This sector faces vast challenges concerning integrated services. The aim of Vigilo Care is to put in place best practice establishing a new communication solution for citizens, and a digital provision of services for employees. This project will focus on creating solutions for optimal flow of communication between a set of different stakeholders.


The main objective is to transform manual routines to become digital. The expected results are among which:

  • Strenghtened processes in municipalities supporting digital provision of services
  • Increased quality in communication between stakeholders
  • Reduced workload for all stakeholders. This will result in time otherwise spent on manual processes can be spent on more important tasks such as necessary care.
  • Consequently, care will become more accessible and the ones in need will experience more autonomy.