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Social responsibility

Vigilo care about people and equal opportunities.

That is why we focus on creating our solution with universal design.

On a global scale we want to contribute to reaching the United Nation's sustainable development goals.

Universal design

In Vigilo we are committed to creating userfriendly solutions applicable for all. In close cooperation with our users the solution will continuosly be adapted according to those with everyday challenges, such as vision or mobility impairments.  


The WCAG2.0 standard are international guidelines in how to achieve universally designed websites. The standard includes 61 demands. A universally designed website is achieved once 35 of these are fulfilled.  

Vigilo aims to fulfill these demands 


Our solutions can be controlled by keyboard and/or voice. It is important for us that the users are involved in the development and testing of our solution. This enables us to create solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use for users with different impairments.  


This work is continuos. Vigilo’s solution, websites, and other are constantly being developed and altered. That is why we have solid routines to ensure that our digital platforms fulfill the demands on universel design. I.e. we focus on this as early as in the sketch and design phase. New functionality is tested with universal design in mind, and our users are involved at early stages.  

UN's sustainable development goals

The UN has estimated that more than 265 million children do not have access to school. In the sustainable development goals (SDGs) the UN has mentioned that come 2030 all children should have access to free, just and good quality schooling. A special focus is on the inequalities based on gender and wealth. noe These factors in turn often contributes to children being held back from opportunities like schooling. Read more about the SDGs here.  

As the UN points out, schooling for all will help reduce illiteracy, create more workers, reduce conflicts and increase wealth.  

Vigilo wishes to contribute in reaching the SDGs. by 2030. Here are some of theactivities Vigilo will implement:  


  • In cooperation with the authorities in selected countries, Vigilo will look at the communication and digital infrastructur, as well as offer our communication and administration solutions. This will help authorities, school management, teachers and children getting a platform that provides the needed overview, communication and planning.
  • Vigilo will seek to collaborate with other stakeholders in facilitating technical infrastructure in rural areas, where Vigilo’s solution can help facilitating satellite schools in these areas. 
  • Vigilo wants to be a part of the construction of schools in cooperation with UNICEF’s Schools for Africa and Schools for Asia program. 1 % of Vigilo’s webshop revenue will be given to these projects in full. 
  • Vigilo wants to make anonymized data available for research purposes. From the amount of data Vigilo gathers, a vast amount of it can be translated into research areas such as health, education and management.   
  • Vigilo consists mostly of people hailing from school and kindergarten professions. Our employees have the opportunity to apply for a leave of absence for up to six months in order to participate in different UN programs targeting education.