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Information about Vigilo, the Board and our owners.

About Vigilo

Since 2010 Vigilo has changed the way schools and kindergartens communicate with parents, as well as managing employees and the institution. From being solely a communication solution, Vigilo has made its way to becoming a complete Student administration and communication solution (OAS). An OAS handles among which; communikasjon, childcare admission, time scheduling and substitute management.


During 2019 over 500.000 people utilized Vigilo on a daily basis. More than 25 municipalities, 1500 kindergartens and over 500 schools are planned to utilize Vigilo.


In the years to come, a continued growth in municipalities choosing Vigilo is expected. At the same time Vigilo has an ambitious strategy that will take Vigilo and our solutions on a journey across borders.


At Vigilo more and more exciting projects are taking place. This enables the corporation to become an active participant in everyone’s everyday life. Take a look at Vigilo.no/x

Financial (in thousands)

Balance (in thousands)

The Board

The Board of Vigilo consists of the following people:

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    Frank Vikingstad

    Chairman of the Board

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    Bjarne Hareide

    Board member

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    Roald Brekkhus

    Board member

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    June M. Ronesen Breivik

    Board member


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Deloitte AS


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Sysco AS


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Legal support


The owners of Vigilo by a larger scale is the following:


Vikingstad Invest


Øvrelid Sysco Invest


A. Ferkingstad Invest AS


Husfruen AS