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Vigilo Childcare

Offers for kindergartens using Vigilo Kindergarten Admission!

Everything in one place

Vigilo Childcare is an effective tool ensuring dialogue between parents and childcare. A good dialogue means more efficient working hours and more time to focus on what is important.

  • Documentation

  • Check-in and check-out

  • Communication

  • Registration routines

  • Reports

  • Pedagogical documentation

Check-in and check-out

With Vigilo’s Childcare solution, you will get a complete and easy-to-use overview of the status of each child: Are the children checked-in or absent due to i.e. sickness or holiday?

App for parents

Let parents participate in their children’s day at the kindergarten through Vigilo’s parenting app.

Offer on Vigilo communication solution

Vigilo AS now offers its communication solution from only 390NOK, - per kindergarten per month ex. VAT. *

The solution includes the following

  • Check-in and check-out children and choose your preferred overview by classes and absent/present status
  • Guardian portal and app where guardians can register absence and send a message
  • Document kindergarten activities with text and pictures with posts. These can be published in the news feed to individual guardians or groups.
  • 10 GB storage (multimedia)

Start-up costs

  • Set up one kindergarten
  • First-time importing children and guardians per kindergarten
  • Configuration of the ID-porten
  • 2900,-
  • * Prepayment one-year license: 4,680NOK. Price for monthly invoicing: 450NOK.


Product Price per month
Electronic consent form 79,-
Procedures for follow-ups (sleep, diaper change, etc.) 99,-
Educational planning tools 149,-
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