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Vigilo Childcare

We are launching a new communication solution

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Complete overview

As a childcare employee or a parent you are probably well versed with how hectic the everyday life can turn out to be, and how having a solid overview can be challenging. Vigilo has created a digital solution aimed at simplifying exactly that.


Vi vet av erfaring at hverdagen er hektisk for ansatte og foresatte i barnehagen, og hvor vanskelig det kan være å få oversikt.

Vi har derfor laget en løsning som gjør det
enklere å organisere hverdagen.

Dokument ikon


Collect consent, share pictures, information and stay informed with reports.

Inn-utsjekk ikon


Simple registration and a full overview of who's present at all times.

Kommunikasjon ikon


Sufficient dialogue ensures a more efficient day.

Basic product